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Location. It is who we are, what we do and we take great pride in helping organizations get more from their location data and services. As a result, Amalgam continues to grow by focusing on providing clients successful solutions and and by their strong referrals. We provide location services to a diverse client base and serve a growing number of use cases and technology applications.


Bay County Health Department FetchEH

Amalgam to provide updated FetchEH software to the Bay County Health Department. The updated FetchEH supports Onsite Wastewater and Well Water Permitting, Food Safety, Body Art, Pool and Campground programs, in addition to powerful mapping, reporting and data insights tools.

Learn more about FetchEH - a location based, data driven approach to Environmental Health

Iosco County FetchGIS

Amalgam to provide FetchGIS Community service to Iosco County. The Iosco County FetchGIS will improve public and internal access to a land information and GIS data, including parcels, imagery, transportation and more.

Learn more about FetchGIS

Western Upper Peninsula Health Department FetchEH

The Western Upper Peninsula Health Department(WUPHD) to use the updated version of FetchEH for Onsite Permitting and Food Safety workflows. Amalgam released the updated FetchEH Software in summer 2021 to offer expanded support for Environmental Health workflows.

Learn more about FetchEH - a location based, data driven approach to Environmental Health

Bay County Department of Water and Sewer FetchGIS

Amalgam to develop FetchGIS service for the Bay County Department of Water and Sewer. The new service will be used internally for asset management and improving access to documentation and other digital resources.

Clinton County NG911 Updates

Amalgam will be working with Clinton County to update NG911 structure, address point and road centerline data to align with newly acquired imagery. If you need help maintaining or updating any NG911 data, get in touch to learn more about our NG911 support services.

Est. 2005

Amalgam has grown from a home office in 2005 to support a diverse client base, talented new staff and space to grow.


FetchEH supports onsite permitting, food safety, body art, pools and more EH workflows

50 +

Amalgam manages more than 50 FetchGIS services across communities, industry, business and non-profit.


FetchEH is loaded with powerful insights tools that add new value to your data


The FetchGIS Sales tool helps governments and the public explore sales information in a community

Location Is What We Do

Providing a complete range of geospatial services used by government, industry, business and non-profit organizations

FetchGIS services


FetchGIS is a web and mobile GIS solution that makes it easy for audiences to benefit from an organizations location data and services.
Data services

Data Services

We work with all aspects of the data life cycle and have diverse data experience -  from parcels and transportation to pipelines and IoT
NG 911 GIS services

Next Generation 911

Our experienced team helps communities develop or improve GIS data to meet or exceed NG 911 standards
GIS integration services

Environmental Health

Developing location based septic system inventories to help regulators gain new insights with FetchEH.