Why we do what we do everyday

Closer Look

Founded in 2005, Amalgam has grown to include a diverse client base across government, business, industry and non-profit organizations. The result is that we have experience across disparate data, use cases, applications and projects, each presenting opportunities to learn and grow as a company.

Each of our clients becomes a stakeholder in crafting the best solution. We have great respect for our clients and the collaborative work that results in well designed solutions and successful outcomes.

Who We Work With

Experience across a diverse client base


We work with government clients providing a range of GIS services, including NG 911, parcel administration, transportation, public and environmental health, training, consulting and a wide range of FetchGIS services.

FetchGIS Services

Amalgam supports more than 50 FetchGIS services to local and regional governments, including FetchGIS Community, Fetch Environmental Health (FetchEH), Fetch Public Health (FetchPH) and other targeted FetchGIS services.

FetchGIS is Amalgam's web and mobile GIS solution, improving access to GIS data, information and services.

Private Sector

Amalgam works with a number of private sector clients to provide GIS consulting and FetchGIS services. Our private sector clients include industry leaders, retailers and small businesses, each focused on using location based data and services to improve workflows, understand more and inform decisions.

FetchGIS Services

Amalgam provides FetchGIS solutions to more than a dozen private sector clients. To learn more about how FetchGIS can help your company, get in touch.