Data Services

Building successful geospatial services starts with good data

A Foundation

Data is the foundation to building successful GIS, so getting it right the first time can save time and future costs. We help organizations establish a strong foundation by executing data services that protect and enhance the value of data. Our team is highly qualified in all aspects of the data lifecycle across a wide range of data domains.

Data Services

We can help with every aspect of the data lifecycle

GIS Data Services
From Paper to Digital
Moving from paper to a digital can be daunting not only in scope, but also when it comes to designing efficient development processes and effective data frameworks. However, making the digital leap provides organizations significant improvements to workflows and introduces opportunities to protect the value of your information into the future.  
Develop Content That Matters
Moving from paper to digital requires evaluating what data to collect and how best to manage it as a geospatial resource. This includes identifying how new data will be used to meet existing applications, but also assessing existing geospatial data and applications to identify complimentary benefits, and how best to develop new content so that these benefits are optimized. We have worked with a wide range of organizations and data domains to make sure development outcomes meet existing needs and remain flexible for future applications. 
Geospatial Conversions
There are numerous digital data formats that can provide additional benefits when managed in GIS as geo-enabled assets. Our team has completed AutoCAD, database, shapefile and Geodatabase conversions for a number of clients across multiple verticals. The results, improved technology standardization that introduces new efficiencies across analysis, management and distribution processes.  
A Different Perspective
Even for experienced teams, it is often helpful to step out of the box and have others evaluate a development process, infrastructure design and management routines. We have been fortunate to work with a wide range of organizations, industries and data projects, which comes in handy when you are seeking an additional perspective.