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Location. It is who we are, what we do and we take great pride in helping organizations get more from their location data and services. As a result, Amalgam continues to grow as a direct result of client retention and their strong referrals. We provide location services to a diverse client base and serve a growing number of use cases and technology applications.


Saginaw Area FetchGIS Launches

The Saginaw Area GIS Authority (SAGA) FetchGIS is now live and provides access to parcels, imagery, elevation data, zoning, PA 116, Recreation opportunities and more. Visit the new Saginaw Area FetchGIS using the link below on your desktop or mobile device.

Saginaw Area FetchGIS

FetchGIS Migrations Update

Amalgam has completed migrating Barry County to the new FetchGIS Platform. The FetchGIS service is now live and can be explored from the link below.

Barry County

Calhoun County FetchGIS Now Live

Calhoun County FetchGIS is now live. Developed on the new FetchGIS Platform, the Calhoun County FetchGIS provides access to a wide range of GIS data and land information. Explore the new Calhoun County FetchGIS on desktop or mobile using the link below.

Calhoun County FetchGIS

FetchGIS Migrations Update

Amalgam has completed migrations to the new FetchGIS Platform for the City of Portage and St. Joseph County. Both FetchGIS services are now live and can be explored from the links below.

City of Portage

St. Joseph County

Est. 2005

Amalgam has grown from a home office in 2005 to support a diverse client base, talented new staff and space to grow.

Thirty +

Amalgam manages more than FetchGIS services across communities, industry, retail, tourism, non-profits and IoT.


No data connection? No problem. FetchGIS offers offline access to maps and editing tools so you can work even without a connection.


Our NG 911 team has completed 16 projects ranging from point addressing to centerline improvements and GIG/MSAG validation.

Location Is What We Do

Providing a complete range of geospatial services used by government, industry, business and non-profit organizations

FetchGIS services


FetchGIS is a web and mobile GIS solution that makes it easy for audiences to benefit from an organizations location data and services.
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Data Services

We work with all aspects of the data life cycle and have diverse data experience -  from parcels and transportation to pipelines and IoT
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Next Generation 911

Our experienced team helps communities develop or improve GIS data to meet or exceed NG 911 standards
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Effective GIS implementation strategies that maintain perspective on ROI and vision for short and long-term business objectives