What is FetchGIS™?
FetchGIS is an interactive mapping and land information service that improves access to GIS data and land information. With an intuitive user interface and rich design, FetchGIS™ provides efficient paths to key land information. 

FetchGIS makes it easy to find GIS data, land information, generate reports, print maps and property reports from the web and conduct advanced tasks such as buffering (notification lists). Using FetchGIS™ is simple too, so visitors return to use FetchGIS on the web rather than using your telephone or counter time.

Amalgam offers FetchGIS as a complete web GIS solution with an interactive map and land information service. FetchGIS is a hosted service eliminating the need for onsite web GIS technology and staff support.

 FetchGIS Sites
 FetchGIS™ Pricing
FetchGIS  starts at $4,500 annually, which includes the interactive map and land information service.

To learn more about mobile GIS visit the FetchMobile link. For communities seeking a self funding web GIS solution visit the Fetch Fee Access link.  
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